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Iran, such an adventure…(english version)

By on 23 octobre 2016

Hi guys! These last days have been rich in emotions … Joy, sadness, disappointment, laughter, everything your brain can feel… We are now in France; as you know Iran has no border with our dear country, so we owe you some explanation …

During the night of Monday to Tuesday (10/11 October) three armed men robbed us and our motorcycles. Let’s be honest when you are on your knees, bound, naked, with a gun pointed on your neck, you feel very lonely. We chose to remain silent about this story in order not to disturb the police investigation, not to frighten our families and to make the right decision: Do we carry on? Or not? … A lot of twists happened since: two of the three assailants were found as our motorcycles. Many thanks to the Iranian police and all Iranian people who stopped everything to help us, by offering us food, a place to sleep, or even by spending the night at the police station with us for the translation … We know they will recognize themselves.

KITT – Rémi’s motorcycle – is now broken, this is why we are writing these words from France where we are reassuring our families and looking for the necessary parts to fix our bikes – that can’t be found on Iranian soil. It is now sure that we carry on our adventure. It will take more than that to keep us from realizing our dream. Some will think that Iran is dangerous or inhospitable, that it is a country to avoid; to them I will repeat my father’s wise words: « You know, fear will not keep you away from danger ; you can be attacked in Marseille, Rome or even Ahwaz all you have to do is to stay cautious and keep it cool ». In addition, the police investigation and the great Iranian hospitality allowed us to eat, to travel and to find our bikes … They always cheered us up and never made us lose hope and that’s the greatest gift they have made to us … We told you that Iran was an infinite source of amazement that surprises you every day, and this little stain does not spoil the picture of this beautiful country … By the way, we have finally created an Instagram account on which we will relay the most beautiful photos of our trip. Finally we wish to thank all of you who are following us, and who are supporting us!

We can answer your comments if you have questions about the adventure or what is going on our mind about the future. But do not worry, we carry on our journey and this is the most important !

Love and adventure !



Morgan & Rémi
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Avez-vous déjà rêvé de voyages et d’aventures ? Rémi et moi, oui. C'est pourquoi nous allons partager avec vous, 70 000 kilomètres, 500 jours et 35 pays sur deux motos… Vous êtes prêts ? Soutenez nous, likez notre page Facebook, partagez-la et suivez nous parce que le compte à rebours est lancé !

C’est quand le départ ?

On the road Again... Darwin To Townsville...2800 kilomètres...
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Amour et bière fraîche
On vous aime !
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Coucou les loulous !

It's time for us to start our journey in Australia !
We are very excited to travel on these long staight roads and cross some deserts as well.
Do not panick, we'll be very carefull out there, even if we camped in 18 countries we keep in mind that there are some of the most dangerous species in the bush (salt-water crocodiles, snakes, spiders and so on).
We hope to have enough reception from here, Darwin, to Brisbane in order to share this australian road-trip with you.
It's gonna be epic !
Love and fresh beer.
On vous aime !
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Coucou les loulous!
Bon les mauvaises langues diront qu'on ne donne plus beaucoup de nouvelle mais c'est normal car avec le retour en France pour les fêtes et le temps de se remettre à flot financièrement on a pas fait beaucoup tourner nos DRs... ceci dit Morgan rentre bientôt chez les kangourous et après avoir fait un petit plouf dans la grande barrière de corail pour ma part nous attaquons la seconde partie avec la côte Est Australienne entre Darwin et Melbourne.
Départ d'ici une petite dizaine de jours et on va re partager et tenter de vous donnez envie de nous suivre et pourquoi pas de partir à l'aventure!
En attendant amour et bière fraîche depuis le point terrestre le plus à l'Est de l'Australie !
On vous aime !
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On déçoit certain(e)s, on en aide d'autres, on reussit, on échoue, on est nostalgique, on est dans l'instant... bref une chose est sure :

As much as you can.
As far as you can
As long as you can.
Life’s not meant to be lived in one place.**

18 countries...33000 kilometers...Worldtrip is a long way...To be continued...
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